Friday, May 28, 2010

Give a ways!

I wanted to let you know that I am working on several great things that I'll have more information about in the upcoming weeks but they all involve give a ways so here's your heads up! Hint: The first one will be next week!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Custom options

Just thought I would show some of the custom options that are available over at my shop! I know this type of stuff is hard to visualize so I wanted to show you some of the options at work.
First: Extra Padding
I love this option! I even added it to my personal strap.

It's a bit hard to see the difference but it just adds a layer of padding that's nice if you tote your camera all over the place all day long.

The next option I offer for these is to monogram them. I can do any color you can imaging but have chosen three fonts that really look best on such a small scale. Since the straps are under 2 inches wide, some of the fonts available look a bit muted so I will stick to these as options for now.

Second-Fancy block

Third-Normal block

I hope that helps give you some additional ideas on how to make these even more personalized! As always, please let me know if there is anything in particular that you are interested in and we will work together to make it happen!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Congrats 182....

Janna, I am emailing you right now so make sure you claim your prize:) If I can't get a hold of Janna for some reason I'll redo the number generator until we have a winner!

NOW for the shop announcement-
I am still blown away over the response to the camera straps. To thank you for all of the support, I will be offering FREE SHIPPING for anything you purchase in the store through the end of the month! Here's how it works. Go see what you want to grab up but don't complete the purchase. Stop before you go to paypal to finish the transaction. Send me a message that you read this and would love to take advantage of free shipping. I will send you a new paypal invoice with the shipping charge removed! I will honor this on custom orders as well, so if you don't see what you are looking for, send me an email or etsy conversation and we'll create something just for you!!
Thank you again for the amazing comments. I did read each one and they were truly inspiring!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shop Update

Just a added a couple of wrist straps to the shop in chocolate and pink as well as chocolate and green and orange and yellow big strap! Enjoy!

Remember, today is the last day to enter my giveaway and I'll select the winner tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just a reminder that you have until TOMORROW (the 20th) to enter the SMS Giveaway! Don't comment on the above link or head on down two posts to check it out. Remember, you are allowed one entry a day! The morning of the 21st, I will get up bright and early, randomly find my winner and contact you!
Come on back over to find out who one and what deal will be available in my store for all of you awesome people who commented. I am still so shocked with the response!!! I'll be working on tons of different straps to have up in the shop incase you don't win but are still interesting in making your camera a little bit more special!
Thank you again so much for your support. I can't wait to see who wins!! COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!

Monday, May 17, 2010


250+ comments. Seriously. AND followers?!?!?! You all are AMAZING. I don't know what I was expecting....maybe 30 or 40 comments but already over 250 on day one. All I can say is thank you. You have no idea how inspiring this is for me. I have been creating and sewing for years but only recently put it "out there" into the world. As you can tell, I am a new blogger and if you have checked out my shop, you can tell I am new there too. The support and beautiful comments make me smile and I can't tell you how much I appreciate them!
You can come back here and enter the giveaway again. One comment a day until it closes. Just make sure that you comment on the SMS Giveaway post (below) and NOT this one. Also, come back on the 20th to not only congratulate the winner but check out the special offer that I will be running in my shop!! I'm working hard on getting more straps ready to go in different colors and am also working on a lens cover "addition" that you can slide onto your strap. Its a work in progress but will be available soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sew, Mama, Sew Contest!!

I love this blog! The ideas and projects are so inspiring not to mention the awesome fabric selection and deals they have on a regular basis and their free tutorials. If its not on your favorites list, bookmark it now! They also do amazing giveaways and really make a huge effort to involve their readers in their blogging. I'm super excited because for the first time I get to participate in one of their giveaways! They gave all of their followers a chance to enter their name in the "May Giveaway Day" sweepstakes. Basically, you win...big time. TONS of people are giving away their handmade items.....TOTALLY FREE! And, I'm one of them!
I'll be giving one lucky reader a custom camera strap! You can choose from either a chest strap for a bigger camera (DSLR or bigger digital cameras) OR a wrist strap for your smaller digital camera. Check out the samples below to get some ideas. Your choice of color and style.

Here's how you win.....
COMMENT! That's it! Just comment on THIS post. You can comment once a day as long as the contest is open-any more and you will be disqualified-keep it fair and fun for everyone! Comment about anything you wish-Which strap you would like if you won, what colors you like best, things that you would like to see for sale, what you had for doesn't matter. I just want to hear from you! I will randomly choose the winner from the comments. I'm more than happy to ship internationally so just comment away! The comments will be open until May 20th and I will ship your item to you by May 24th. Please make sure to leave your email address if you aren't linked to a page-I want to be able to contact if you win!!!!
If you are interested in seeing the other awesome items that are up for grabs check it out here:
GOOD LUCK and comment away!

Wrist straps are ready!

So, as promised, here is the wrist strap for your smaller digital camera that I have been talking about....

Its just at an inch in width so it won't cut into your wrist or slide all over the place. I love being able to personalize everyday accessories. In this digital age its so nice to be able to sport something a little bit different that is all your style. As with the other straps, this one can be created in any fabric you wish!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Custom Order!

How much fun! My first custom order for 4 camera straps! I loved this project and hope to do some more of it in the future. Just wanted to share them with you all!
I've been busy this week working on these but have some more stuff coming up soon. I am working on a version of these straps for your smaller digital camera. I know that there are a lot of you out there that don't drag around a huge camera like I do so I am adapting the big camera straps for something smaller that goes around your wrist. I will let you know when they are headed for the shop!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Camera Straps

I love new and modern takes on traditional items. My camera is always around, always a part of action. I love having a way to have it with me and make it fun at the same time. I love being able to show my style and thats why I think these are great! They are a replacement to your current strap, not a cover like a lot of them out there. Literally, in just a minute, you can TOTALLY change the look of your camera. These straps fit almost every DSLR available...I am working on an adaptation for the smaller digital cameras out there so be on the look out for those soon. Check them out on ETSY to see the dimensions and a full description. Each strap includes all of the necessary buckles you need. Just take your current one off, attach your new strap and go! Have a color combination you are looking for? Need them to be customized even further? Email me and we'll work together to create something special just for you!

A house divided.

If you don't live in the south, you may not fully be able to grasp the enormity of college football season. Its big. Its beyond big. Its a lifestyle. You sport your teams colors every way possible, dress your poor children in your team's colors, fly your college's flag outside your house and Saturdays are spent with your TV on or tailgating from dawn to way past your normal bed time. In my house our team is the Gators. We bleed orange and blue. Our whole family does. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers. We all went there and as far as a lot of us are concerned, there isn't another University. So, imagine our surprise when my cousin who just graduated from UF this past week decided to go to grad University of Georgia. Its hard for me to even type that and even harder for me to make the following items in the colors black and red. I actually had to go buy fabrics with those two colors because I didn't have any...really!
So, here they are. Full size place matts. Two orange and blue and two in the ugly colors of black and red. I'm actually really excited about how they turned out and can't wait for her to get them! I know I said I would have some ready to buy in the next couple of days but lets make that in the next couple of weeks instead. I've been busy making something else (look for a post on that late tonight!)