Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas in July!

This year, I am participating in Etsy's CHRISTMAS IN JULY promotion. The promotion runs from July 15th until July 25th. I am offering FREE first class shipping on every item in my shop! I'm excited to begin this promotion in the upcoming weeks and will be adding new items to make sure that you have plenty to choose from! Enjoy this jump start on your Holiday shopping!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First round with new fabrics

Here's three new straps in Amy Butler's awesome fabric collection Daisy Chain. There are only 2 available in each color in the shop until I find someone else who sells the fabric!!! I LOVED it so much that I actually remade my strap and now have one of these:) Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on some more Daisy Chain soon-there are so many beautiful combinations with her lines!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gift Certificates!

So, I am trying something new. Gift certificates are now going to be sold through the blog (good for any merchandise in my shop). This is a new system for me and something that I am trying to learn through paypal so let me know if any problems arise!
The system SHOULD work like this.....
1. You purchase a gift certificate for someone
2. You have the choice to either have the gift certificate emailed to your recipient or you can decide to get a printed out copy mailed to your address
3. Your recipient can browse the shop at any time, select an item they would like and order it. In the "special notes" section of the order, they simply put in the gift certificate code and thats it!
4. Any additional balance that is required will be billed to them and any credit will be issued a new gift certificate.
Again, this is how it SHOULD work:) If you run into any problems with the system, please please please let me know! I would love to improve upon it and make this an easy to use, gift giving option!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In case you missed it....

Here's what has kept me busy this week and why there's almost nothing in my shop anymore!

More straps are coming. I'm still filling orders from this past week and then I will be able to get back to creating new straps. I just ordered a bunch of different fabrics from designers I haven't used yet. Moda Freebird is on the way as well as some beautiful Amy Butler Daisy Chain. I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kind of a big deal.

So today, it's kind of big. There is a giveaway which is always exciting BUT even more exciting is WHO is hosting it. If you aren't familiar with Katie over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple then please let me introduce you.
I started reading Katie's blog a little over a year ago and haven't stopped since. I am the biggest supporter and love her story. Katie's honesty is incredible. She talks the good, the bad and the plain old ugly about not only marriage but also about raising a precious year old baby Bean. Her approach to solving every day problems and the way in which she shares them with her readers is refreshing and makes you think about your own relationship. She opens up her marriage and her recent stint as a stay at home mom in such a bold way that you have no choice to come back tomorrow to see what she has come up with next. She doesn't just talk about the issues that can come up but also constantly reminder herself (umm, as well as me!) what joy this crazy relationship can bring to your life. And, the coolest thing that Katie is up too....a book is in the works! How exciting is that! Jump on this Marriage Confessions train.
Also, I updated the shop last night with bunch of new straps. Some old favorites made a comeback so check it out and then head over to Katie's blog to enter the giveaway!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Standard

I just wanted to let everyone know about some changes to my shop. First of all, you will see a small price increase and I wanted to explain why this took place. I decided to make padding a standard part of my camera straps. I have made a couple for special orders and every time I make them, I am incredibly pleased with the way they turn out. They are thicker, better overall quality and just more comfortable to wear and use. I want the product that I put out to be high quality and have decided this is another step to make a good product. Hope you all enjoy the change!

Here's the 4 new straps that I just added to the shop.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, its finally here and I am excited about this one! One of my clients contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to host a give a way of one of my camera straps on her PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG. Christy has been a pleasure to work with and I am honored that she thought about me for such an awesome give a way.
I love good photographers. I admire the passion and commitment that it takes to turn a hobby into a full blown business. The only thing that I love more than a good photographer is a great children's photographer. I am a total sucker for father/daughter moments. I also love how they can take the most everyday items and make them into beautiful objects.
Christy grabbed up this floral inspired strap and would love to give one away to you (in the color of your choice of course!)

All you have to do is jump on over to her site to see how to enter!!!! Good luck!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coming your way

I'm working on a couple of new straps that will be added to my shop soon. Hopefully will be finishing them up this weekend and they will be up first thing Monday morning!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Give A Way Friday

The first give a way is coming up on Friday. I have a fantastic photographer that will be hosting the give a way and we are both really excited about it. More details tomorrow!