Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gift Certificates!

So, I am trying something new. Gift certificates are now going to be sold through the blog (good for any merchandise in my shop). This is a new system for me and something that I am trying to learn through paypal so let me know if any problems arise!
The system SHOULD work like this.....
1. You purchase a gift certificate for someone
2. You have the choice to either have the gift certificate emailed to your recipient or you can decide to get a printed out copy mailed to your address
3. Your recipient can browse the shop at any time, select an item they would like and order it. In the "special notes" section of the order, they simply put in the gift certificate code and thats it!
4. Any additional balance that is required will be billed to them and any credit will be issued a new gift certificate.
Again, this is how it SHOULD work:) If you run into any problems with the system, please please please let me know! I would love to improve upon it and make this an easy to use, gift giving option!

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