Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wrist Strap Re-do!

OK, So I must admit I haven't been totally pleased with the wrist strap design for some time now but am just now getting a chance to revamp it a bit. First, like my bigger straps, I've added padding to make them a little bit more cushy. Next, I decided to use a different connection than I had previously been using. I opted to go with something that is a bit more commercially made and work it into my strap rather than continue to totally make my own connection. I felt that this was an important choice because these cameras are expensive and valued by everyone! I figured that there was a much higher chance of something failing on a hand made loop connection rather than one that had been made for commercial use. The third change you will see is I am no longer using the black leather to finish the strap. It just wasn't working for me and I think that the alternative stitching still finishes it off nicely.

Here's two that I just completed in the new style for a very good friend of mine. She's already doing her Christmas shopping and got these for her mother and sister in laws! They will make perfect gifts. Even though I've redesigned the strap and added some extra touches, the price will remain the same for the time being. I am going to work on perfecting the strap and getting some up in the shop for a while before any price changes occur.

***On a holiday note, I just wanted to keep everyone up to date on what my schedule is looking like so you can make your shopping plans accordingly. I know its hard to even thing about the holiday season (especially since its still in the 90's here everyday!!) but its coming up-FAST! I am expecting #2 December 25th. Seriously:) We're having a scheduled c-section so he will be here about a week a head of time if he decided to cooperate and stay put. We all know how well plans, pregnancies and new born babies cooperate. Due to his arrival, I will be unavailable to take custom orders starting December 1st until at least mid January. I'll let you know if this time line changes at all but I don't want to accept an order and have him decide to come early! I'm making sure that I have plenty of straps in the shop over the next couple of months and will be able to ship everything that is listed in the shop during that time. The shipping times may be 2 business days but I will try to keep up as best as possible. I just wanted to let you all know that won't be available for custom orders during this time.***

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  1. Love the wrist straps redo. Time flies he'll be here before you know it.